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Architectural Heritage Images provide a unique product and approach to a whole range of tourism, visitor attraction, conference, marketing, merchandise and promotional opportunities.

We develop solutions to answer specific briefs and target markets - it can be as simple as a single image or as extensive as a complete range of branded merchandise.

Each solution is unique to its location and our design and draughtsmanship combine to produce images which lend themselves to a wide variety of applications such as trail guides, interpretative and exhibition uses.


Glasgow Ref G1 - range of sizes, line drawing


Edinburgh Ref E1 - range of sizes, line drawing

London Ref L1 - range of sizes, line drawing


Mackintosh Ref CRM1 - one size line drawing

St. Andrews Ref STA1 - single print, full colour


Glasgow Gold Ref GG1 - single print, line drawing with gold and silver

North Ayrshire Ref NA1 - single print, full colour


Alloa and Clackmannan Ref AC1 - single print, line drawing

Kincardine and Royal Deeside. Ref KRD1 - single print, line drawing


Britannia Ref RYB1 - full colour illustrative print


Produced using Mackintosh's original drawings the portfolio illustrates four of his finest works in and around Glasgow; Scotland Street School, Martyrs’ Public School, The Hill House and Windyhill. Each black line illustration is printed on a textured ivory paper. As well as a brief architectural description on each image there is a fifth sheet printed on simulator paper which illustrates all four buildings and gives further background to each. The entire collection is presented in a black card portfolio. Ref CRMP1



If you would like further information on our Architectural Heritage images, whether you are interested in commissioning one for your city or region, or
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